The United States and The Federal Deficit
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The United States and The Federal Deficit

we don't owe that money to anyone it is a key indicator of how much we are spending as compared to our income

We are all deluged daily by the liberal media that being radio, television, newspapers and magazines that we the people of The United States Of America owe more than 14 trillion dollars which is called the tax deficit. Who, you might ask, do we owe it to? The answer is obvious to the most dim witted American if he were allowed to think without the liberal media which has now added ghostly voices in an attempt to goad magic to help us pull money out of a hat like a magician would pull out a rabbit being piped into our homes to imitate the schizophrenic voices of our leaders. The cause for such chicanery is simply that our leaders know that we really don't owe that much money.

What we owe or what is called the deficit is the sum total of revenue that Americans spend on foreign products and what The United States spends in buying foreign products and in leasing foreign lands for our factories overseas. That debt is really a statement of how much money Americans pay out to foreign countries as compared to how much foreign countries owe us. There is really no way to pay someone 14 trillion dollars and wipe out the deficit. When taxes are raised, we take in as a country more money which lowers our deficit. That means that American has more money coming in to pay for its system than it pays out to foreign countries.

What we owe in debt is that money to foreign countries like China with whom we trade. That is our debt. Owed to the foreign countries of whom we have taken products and have given our IOU to. How many of you have ever thought about that? Has our president, Barack O' Bama even considered the situation that he is leading a country that is a debtor nation? Has he been taught to think beyond the typical thinking of those who think the world owes them a fair shake because they are nice?

That is the reason some of our more callous leaders don't really care about our national debt. How they ask can they collect it. We are the most powerful country in the world. No one would dare force us to pay our debts. We can't even default. Why should we? Who would make us pay our debt to foreign entities that are not as magically powerful as we? Does our former president George W. Bush feel an obligation to those people on whom his millions depend? We need to become more acknowledging of the fact that we, The United States of America are a country of well fed sheep led by a shepherd who has no conscience and who feels satisfied with his chicken in his pot. We are no longer even led by someone who feels qualified to make an opinion of his own or to act on his own thoughts. The situation is not only dire but downright disturbing.

That thinking my liberal friends will bring the world's economic system crashing down on our debt defrauding heads. We owe the world 14 trillion dollars. The world is carrying us and we assume they will not foreclose on us for obvious reasons. The world may not be able to foreclose on us since they have no where else to put us. The world may not even want us to move into their communities once we have been foreclosed upon. That means that the world will have to file bankruptcy and write us off as uncorrectable debtors. Once the world's ledgers are cleared of our astounding debt, the world can continue to exist without carrying us on their shoulders.

It is my humble opinion that we should cancel the tax breaks that the previous administration, the Bush administration, gave to their friends, the affluent, the super wealthy, the arrogantly rich, the people demeaning arbiters of who works and who doesn't. Once we are back on the road to moral human beings instead of amoral hypocrites forcing foreign countries to carry our debt while we mock them, we can begin a new economic system. Until then, we will have to stop and think about how much we will "pay" when the world's economy comes to a crashing halt. Because we will have to "pay" since the world of whom we are in debt too will no longer have the means to support our way of living.


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