Nishiyama Ryokan: Experience Something Different When Traveling on Business
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Nishiyama Ryokan: Experience Something Different When Traveling on Business

Nishiyama Ryokan is a popular inn in the Kansai region of Japan. The meals are served Japanese style and if you have special requests you should notify the hosts early. For example, if you do not eat pork you should let this be known in advance. Japanese utilize pork heavily in their meals. Vegetarian meals may be served with fish or fish broth.

Business travelers in Japan have a wide range of choices when it comes to accommodation. There are contemporary hotels done in the western style as well as traditional ryokan, or Japanese hotels. They are ideal for the business traveler who wants to experience something different while they are in the country. Ryokan are located all over Japan. Whether you will be spending time in Tokyo, Kyoto or one of the other cities, or traveling to rural areas, you will be able to find one.

Nishiyama Ryokan: A Japanese Style Inn 

The ideal ryokan will have a mix of features that help to ensure your comfort while you are there. They will also be able to provide you with the facilities you need to remain in communication with your team.

Ryokan are a great way to experience the real traditions of Japan. Many have rooms that are fitted with western style sleeping quarters but if you prefer, you can choose a room that has a Japanese tatami or sleeping mat. Japanese tatami are used for sleeping, sitting and walking. Sleeping on a tatami is supposed to prevent crooked backbones and the growth of spurs.

Tatami in the past used to be made of straw. Nowadays quite a few tatami are constructed using leather, Japanese paper or denim. These have become popular because they are easier to clean. They can simply be brushed to remove soil and they last longer than traditional straw tatami.

Nishiyama Ryokan: Features of this Japanese Inn

Nishiyama Ryokan is located in Kyoto, Japan. It is run by the members of one family and has over twenty different rooms. All of the staff speaks good English. Guests who come with their own computer will be able to access the internet. If you want information on what to see in Osaka Japan, Kobe or Kyoto, they should be able to provide some assistance.

All of the rooms at Nishiyama Ryokan are done in the traditional Japanese style. Guests there enjoy traditional Japanese meals at breakfast, dinner and lunch. The food is prepared using ingredients that are produced locally. Guests can make special meal requests.

The hotel has shared baths where communal bathing takes place. These are separated according to gender. Most of the rooms at Nishiyama Ryokan also have their own toilet and bath. If you are spending several nights there, you will be offered a complimentary yukata or robe to relax in.

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